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About Us

Vocational Skills Training

Development of girls in all aspects of life

The vocational skills program is more than just teaching skills. Our program focuses on developing girls intellectually, physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. This is not always easy! The majority of the girls who come to us have been used, abused and have experienced extreme poverty. It is a huge task teaching these young women how to act, behave and interact with others in a healthy manner. The ethos of Singabantwana is peace and acceptance. Through the constant encouragement and love from staff they soon learn another method of communication and healthy behavioural skills.

Vocational Skills Programme





Essential Life Skills

The Vocational Skills Programme teaches them life skills namely agriculture (crops and animal rearing) as well as cookery, sewing, hairdressing and crafts. Participants will attend a combination of hands-on group and individual training in chicken rearing, rabbit keeping and vegetable production at least three times per week, with groups responsible for different batches. Responsibility will be shared among the group members to carry out particular tasks and duties on a daily basis. The chicks will be grown to six - eight weeks of age and then slaughtered. Most of the produce will be consumed at the kitchen through feeding the children. Any excess will be marketed through the Sandra Jones Centre income generating project, “Fruitful Harvest”. All funds raised will go back into projects to benefit the youths at Singabantwana.

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